Using Cloudflare Warp on Linux, Windows, DD-WRT, OpenWrt and other devices


A simple cli to get Warp+ as WireGuard configuration


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Step 1

Follow Installation Guide on WireGuard official webiste to install WireGuard on your system.

You have to make sure wg binary exists in your PATH.

Step 2

Install cf-warp globally through yarn or npm.

yarn global add cf-warp # npm i -g cf-warp

Step 3

Initialize your Warp+ account by running cf-warp command.


$ cf-warp
Your Warp credentials are located at "C:\Users\maple3142\.cf-warp\data.json", and WireGuard connection file is "C:\Users\maple3142\.cf-warp\cf-warp.conf".
You currently have 1GB Warp+ quora.
To get your current Warp+ quora, simply run "cf-warp".
To increase your Warp+ quora by 10 GB, simply run "cf-warp 10".

Step 4

Obtain cf-warp.conf from ~/.cf-warp/cf-warp.conf and use it normally


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Jack Pearce

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